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What is Facecrook?

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Facecrook is the ultimate digital notebook for police, security, intelligence agencies, and more, but that's just the beginning.

Each Facecrook user manages their own private network. They control who can see the profiles they enter, and in turn he/she can see any profiles entered by them. Each profile can contain personal information, description, contact details, an unlimited number of photographs, and notes that can be entered by anyone in the network.
Law enforcement and security professionals know that information is vital to their success. Facecrook connects these professionals to allow them to share this information seamlessly. A click of a button e-mails a profile.
Retail Security
A vast portion of crime committed in retail is by repeat offenders, and those who travel from one store location to another, within the same chain. Facecrook allows the sharing of photos and information with others in a geographical area, a task that has historically been difficult and often non-existent. Facecrook profiles will also reduce the likelihood of someone successfully concealing their true identity.
Corporate Security and Personal Protection
Threats and watch-lists are constantly changing. Concerns include ex-employees, and even corporate espionage. A new or changed entry in Facecrook is instantly available to people within your network. There is no delay or miscommunication, whether your people are on-site or elsewhere in the world. 
Other Uses
The uses for Facecrook are so widely varied that they can not be covered here. Parents might use it to maintain up-to-date child information, including recent photos. Should one of their children disappear, they can instantly share all information with security, police and others in the area. Your imagination will unveil other clever uses of this cutting-edge technology. Some other uses recently identified include:
  • Auto sales - profiles include photos and information of vehicles in inventory along with a target price
  • Patient and client tracking
  • People banned from properties
  • Employee list
  • Properties for sale or rent
  • Contact lists
  • Let us know how you use Facecrook

Creative Custom Software appreciates all feedback, and constantly seeks new ideas and ways we can make Facecrook even better. Please use the Contact Us section to get in touch with us, or e-mail us directly at


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Profile Entry

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View Profiles

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Profile Detail

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Add/Select Photo

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Help Screens

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What is Facecrook Global?


Facecrook Global utilizes cutting-edge technology to enable instant and secure sharing of sensitive information to those people permitted access to the private network. The Global version is ideally suited to the needs of organizations of all types. Facecrook Global is the latest tool for combating organized retail crime (ORC).

Users of the basic Facecrook application administer their own private network, whereas Facecrook Global customers control every aspect of the application, including security and access controls, as well as retaining ownership of all data entered.

The Global version adds functionality and security features including:

  • Authorized users added by administrators instantly receive an email invitation including a temporary password.
  • All data entered into the application, including profiles maintained by employees, becomes the property of the agency, eliminating data loss caused by employee turnover.
  • Strict access controls and permissions can be set for individual users, including pinpoint customization of each user's capabilities.
  • Each time your employees enter the application, they're welcomed with messages from you and your administrators. These might include policy/procedure changes, goals and challenges, news, persons of interest, recent local incidents, or other. Each message can include photos and/or graphics.
  • Every device, whether smartphone, tablet, or other, has a unique device identification code associated with it. Our Global version can limit access to your account by comparing a particular device to a list of authorized devices. This dual-factor method of access control is included at no additional cost, and provides an additional layer of security.

Facecrook Global is a subscription-based service, billed monthly. The cost is based upon the number of unique devices expected to access the account each month. Additional devices accessing the Global account for a particular month will cost $8.50 per device. Additional cost can be prevented by enabling 'Device Protection' in the application settings.

# of Devices Monthly Cost
1-5 $37.50
6-10 $75.00
11-20 $150.00
21-30 $225.00
31-40 $300.00
41-50 $375.00
51-75 $525.00
76-100 $700.00


Data Security

The data entered into Facecrook and Facecrook Global is stored in United States data centers. There are daily backups which are stored on redundant, separate storage volumes. Software is in place to mitigate unauthorized access. 256-bit AES encryption is used to protect data transmitted between servers and devices. The server uptime has been 99.34% and this is set to improve shortly thanks to various infrastructure modifications.

Please contact us at 888-336-6227 or for custom orders, or more information.


Section image testimonials

"Your app is amazing ... making this application as applicable to real-world policing as possible --- excellent job!!!"

Sgt. Scott Hamburger
New York Police Department

"Love your app."
Cody Smith
College Park GA Police

"I think your app is brilliant...This is a game changer."
George Scerbovic CD
Sobeys Loss Prevention/Security Services
Sobeys Inc.

"I’ve used database information for over 10 years (started with a green screen Palm Pilot). This is by far the best innovation I’ve seen."
Sgt. Raymond M. Mandle
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Reviews in iTunes

Great tool! ★★★★★

by Dennis Ackerman - Version 1.5 - Jan 16, 2014

This is a necessary tool for any officier in the field. Whether you are acting independent or as a team, this app will provide much assitance. It has saved me and my team a lot of time and made my profession easier when working with others.

Great app ★★★★

by Ironwood Bull - Version 1.3 - Mar 23, 2013

I am new to this app but so I really like it. It's great to be able to store info on FI's for personal reference at a latter date or encounter. I also appreciate the ability to share info with other leo's

Great app ★★★★★

by Greenup pd - Version 1.2 - Feb 25, 2013

4 star so far !

Wilson CPPD ★★★★★

by hapkido1 - Version 1.2 - Feb 23, 2013

Good app great way to share info

A great start! ★★★★★

by StLCu4301 - Version 1.2 - Feb 22, 2013

This app is a great start to filling a long overdue gap in info sharing. Looking forward to the future possibilities.

Facecrook ★★★★★

by KRYPTO3324 - Version 1.2 - Feb 21, 2013

Great app!

Great app ★★★★★

by Cepet - Version 1.2 - Feb 20, 2013

Great app easy to use and the networking function is great. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Great Tool! ★★★★

by SROTU 007 - Version 1.2 - Feb 20, 2013

Helpful for keeping tabs on the usual suspects and known criminals especially between alternating shifts.

So far so good ★★★★

by duncanwiggins - Version 1.2 - Feb 20, 2013

I can see the potential for some serious intel gathering and networking between officers of the same agency and agencies abroad ...



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